WESTEC 2020 - Long Beach, CA

Updated: Feb 14

OB7 is traveling again- this time to WESTEC in Long Beach. WESTEC is part of a four-part series put on by SME and AMT, and is the only event in the series that takes place in California. From September 24-26th, Productive Robotics will be at booth # 1717 with multiple robots and displays to show some of the ways OB7 can help automate manufacturing. OB7 5kg standard model robots will be on the floor, as well as a new member of the OB7 family, OB7 - Max 12, which has a 12kg payload capacity. Discover how OB7 can be easily deployed to complete hundreds of jobs through its simple “teach without programming” approach. From CNC machine tending, to packaging, to glueing and assembly, OB7 allows your in-house staff to automate production simply and seamlessly.

We will also be showcasing OB Vision, Productive Robotics’ new vision system which makes automating even simpler, faster, and more efficient than ever before. With a press of a button, OB7 automatically learns to recognize parts and pick up objects. Stop by our booth and see for yourself! We will also have demo stations where you can experience first hand the simplicity, ease (and how fun it is) of teaching OB7.

The purpose of the show is to bring together the innovative companies that build manufacturing machinery and the companies who need to use that machinery, and to showcase new ideas and workflows to further the manufacturing industry. Attendees have access to hundreds of experts in aerospace, industrial machinery, medical, and consumer goods and the ability to meet with them in person to discuss the technology that's leading the way. Business owners will have the chance to find suppliers, compare how other companies are doing things, and get a fresh perspective on the manufacturing industry.

Wander by our booth # 1717 and wave to OB7 and the Productive Robotics team. Or better yet, stay to learn about how we can help your business be more efficient.

To register for WESTEC, click here.

For more information about the show, please visit westeconline.com


Long Beach Convention Center

Long Beach, CA

September 24-26th

Booth # 1717

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