CNC Machine Tending

Production speed and efficiency are more important than ever, with increasingly slim margins and worker shortages rearing their heads. Deadlines and quality remain non-negotiable — with the competitive advantage going to the supplier that can deliver premium quality, ahead of schedule, at the most favorable cost.

In the face of these challenges, it can seem difficult to keep pace. CNC machine robot automation is one way to do so. Today’s collaborative robots — cobots — such as the OB7 make it faster and easier than ever to step up your productivity, speed, and quality.

OB7 is a game-changing cobot CNC solution, integrating seamlessly with your existing CNC machinery to automate and speed machine tending — among the most dangerous, dirty, and dull tasks, freeing workers to accomplish higher-value tasks.

OB7 advantages over other CNC machine tending robot solutions:

  • 7-axis movement instead of the more common 6-axis, providing unparalleled freedom of movement

  • “No-programming” operation, where the robot “learns” a task when the operator shows the robot what to do by simply moving it into position, rather than programming it

  • A small, versatile footprint with roller wheels to facilitate easy integration with numerous machines and processes throughout the facility

The Benefits of CNC Integration

Manufacturers in a variety of industries have experienced the benefits of automation with collaborative robots on the floor. Cobot CNC integration offers numerous productivity, speed, efficiency, safety, and quality benefits:

  • Lights Out Production: OB7 CNC machine robot arm delivers all of the advantages of automation — in a cost-effective and easy-to-set-up format that provides the fastest ROI of any other cobot on the market. Gain the benefits of 24/7 operation with fewer labor issues, absences, production stoppages, and lower operation costs.

  • Fast  Return on Investment: OB7 allows for the consistent accuracy of CNC machining with increased speed and productivity to ensure that spindles are always turning. . Fast, simple setup and ease of operation eliminate downtime and enable operation on day one.


  • “No-programming” operation: Unlike other cobot automation solutions, OB7 does not need to be programmed. Teaching it a task requires simply “showing” it what to do. . Operation setup is done with a few simple button presses in an intuitive, familiar, graphics-based, tablet-like control interface.

  • 7-axis movement: While most cobots offer 6-axis movement, OB7 features a seventh degree of freedom. The 7 joints of OB7 give the robotic arm the ability to reach around the machine door without blocking access, which is impossible with a 6 axis robot. It facilitates true, full, human-like control and movement across a wide range of space.


  • Mobility and flexibility: In addition to the reach and range of OB7, its small footprint and portability allow for seamless integration with diverse tasks anywhere on the facility floor. The various OB7 models offer a workpiece payload of 4-12kg (8.8-26 lbs) and a reach of 1000-1700mm (3.2-5.5 ft). This versatility contributes to OB7’s suitability for the full scope of production volumes and mix types.

  • Across-the-board CNC machine compatibility: OB7 is designed for easy setup and integration with the widest possible range of CNC equipment. With no wiring  required into your machine simply roll  OB7 cobot into place, “teach” it what to do, and enjoy the benefits of the fastest available automation on the market.


  • A new concept of robot safety: Unlike bulky, dangerous automation robots that require strict safety regimens, OB7 is built to work directly alongside your employees — no safety fences or cages required. OB7 is fully compliant with ISP 10218-1 and works in harmony with human operators or industrial robots within close proximity.

  • Suitability for all volumes and mix types: The intuitive integration and versatility of OB7 means that it is as well-suited for low-volume, high-mix applications as it is for long production runs. Even in volumes as low as 10 pieces, OB7 can deliver material efficiency benefits by automating machine tending tasks and facilitating third-shift, lights-out operations.


Start Automating Now


We understand the perceived challenges, risks, and barriers to introducing or increasing automation in your facility. We built OB7 specifically to overcome those concerns.

With easy integration, fast setup, and rapid ROI — all while delivering the known benefits of automation in a cost-effective package —  OB7 is a unique solution that is ready to make a difference in your operations.

OB7 offers seamless integration into production lines and work cells to perform multiple actions of different machines. OB7 allows for automation in all areas of the manufacturing process, including these precision robot machining tasks:

  • Tending and batch production

  • Cutting, drilling, deburring, and grinding,

  • Quality control testing and inspection

  • Loading, unloading, and part removal


Gluing, flattening, painting, and welding

To learn more and discuss how OB7 can help you, contact Productive Robotics today.