OB7 is designed to provide ultimate simplicity and easy of use. With no complex integration and zero programming to operate, existing staff can begin automating on day one.


Simple to setup and teach


Greater maneuverability and flexibility


Truly next generation innovation


24/7 "Lights Out" Production

Trouble hiring employees to fill repetitive tasks?
OB7 takes zero breaks and works nonstop around the clock.
Never worry again about meeting deadlines. OB7 maximizes your productivity and efficiency by working diligently around the clock. Working "lights out" allows you to go home and return the next day with a job complete. OB7 saves you time, resources, and money, and frees up your existing staff to focus on other valuable tasks. With OB7, discover an immediate ROI in a matter of days.

Simple to Use

What do we mean by "No Programming"?
If you can do it, OB7 can learn it​.

Teaching OB7 a task is as simple as showing it what to do - physically. There is zero programming or coding involved. ​Simply "show" OB7 a task using the control handle, and it automatically learns and saves the tasks. OB7's intuitive control tablet makes it simple to fine tune and adjust jobs.  In addition, OB7 is not limited in capability. Whether simple or complex tasks, OB7 provides ultimate simplicity in functionality, using visual "tiles". Existing staff can learn to use OB7 in a matter of minutes and create, modify, and execute thousands of different jobs.  

7-Axis Flexibility

Reaches where other robots can't

Greater agility, productivity and accuracy


OB7's arm has 7 moving joints, like yours, which provides more maneuverability and flexibility than a traditional 6 axis robot. With 7 axes, OB7 can reach into tighter and more confined spaces. In addition, OB7 can reach around objects and obstacles in work areas, making it more convenient when setting up a work station. Each of OB7's 7 joints can rotate 360 degrees in both directions for unmatched maneuverability. 


Fast ROI

See an immediate ROI in as little as one week

OB7 is ready to work on day one

OB7 arrives to your door with the all the essential accessories to setup your first job. With minimal integration and setup time, OB7 is ready to work and will be up and running the same day. OB7's portability and small footprint enable you to seamlessly roll it from job to job, allowing you to run multiple jobs within a short period of time. Working diligently nonstop, OB7 frees up your employees to work on other tasks. With Productive Robotics' financing, you can see an ROI in 10 days.



ISO 102018- Safety Compliant

No barriers, no cages, no fencing required

​OB7 is fully compliant with ISO 102018-1 safety requirements. Built with safety sensors on each joint, OB7 will stop if it runs into an object or if a person hits it. No need to worry about caging or safety fencing. With OB7, your staff can expect to work safely and collaboratively in conjunction with OB7. Running at higher speeds requires a password and OB7 will alert you if there is a problem. In addition, OB7's enhanced safety allows it to work in conjunction with people, minimizing work-related injuries.


Made in the USA

Designed and Manufactured in Carpinteria, CA

Built using the latest technology by a team of innovators 

OB7 is fully designed and manufactured by Productive Robotics, headquartered in Carpinteria, CA. Our team of engineers, designers, and robotics experts built OB7 using the latest technology with the end-user in mind. We believe that collaborative robotic automation should be simple and easy for anyone to use. Our customers find that in addition to OB7's simplicity, they are confident knowing that a team of trusted experts are just a phone call away. 

What can you automate with OB7?

Bottom line: OB7 is good for your bottom line.

Book a demo and experience first hand what OB7 can do for your business.

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