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Your video will allow us to assess your application, and determine what product and accessories will be needed. Here are a few tips on recording the video so that we can see everything needed to assess the project:


  • In general, don't keep the camera too close.  It helps us to see the whole environment so that we can see where the parts come from and where they need to go

  • Try to show the work more than the operator.  The operator can easily obscure the view of the work to be done.

  • When working through tasks, zoom in on the task occasionally so we can see the details of the parts and what's being done with and to them.

  • If the parts are supplied in containers, or placed in containers after processing, show us the containers with the parts in them.

  • Feel free to talk as you take the video and describe any of what we're seeing.

  • Make the video as long as you need to show everything you want us to see.

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