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Productive Robotics Introduces First Full Line of Cobots with Enhanced Human Sense of Vision

Updated: Feb 14, 2020


Productive Robotics Introduces First Full Line of Next-Generation Teachable Cobots with Enhanced Human Sense of Vision at ProMat/Automate 2019

(CHICAGO, IL) Productive Robotics, Inc. is unveiling its full line of next-generation teachable collaborative robots (cobots) at ProMat/Automate 2019 in Chicago today through April 11. The Santa Barbara, Calif.-based cobot designer and manufacturer added an enhanced human sense of vision to its teach-and-learn platform, providing customers with a unique offering not currently available in the market.

“The Productive Robotics design and engineering team started building robots for movie special effects in the 1980s,” said Zac Bogart, president and CEO of Productive Robotics. “We’ve combined that level of expertise with the latest technology to offer customers the simplest, most flexible, innovative and cost-effective lineup of next-generation collaborative robots in the market.”

Building on the success of its OB7 cobot, Productive Robotics is introducing OB7-Max 8 and OB7-Max 12 to round out its full line of cobots. Equipped with the same “no programming”, simple to teach intelligence and human arm flexibility as OB7, OB7-Max 8 and OB7-Max 12 are designed to handle larger payloads with long reach, at 8kg and 1700mm, and 12kg and 1300mm respectively.

Each OB7 model can now be equipped with the human-like sense of vision, providing simpler, faster and more efficient robot training and operation. With OB Vision, OB7 automatically learns to recognize and pick up objects with a single button push. By the end of this year, OB7 will also be equipped with an improved sense of touch. OB Vision and any additional senses are based on Productive Robotics’ innovative “no programming,” simple to teach platform.

Productive Robotics broke into the collaborative robot market in 2017 with OB7 – the smart seven-axis cobot. Its intelligence comes from Productive Robotics’ “no programming”, simple teaching platform – the user simply shows OB7 how to do the job and OB7 learns – providing customers with complete ease of use. OB7 offers ultimate flexibility thanks to its seventh axis. Like a human arm, seven joints give OB7 the flexibility and dexterity to reach around objects or obstacles where others can’t. Unlike a human arm, each of OB7’s joints can rotate 360 degrees in both directions allowing the cobot to work in more confined work spaces and areas that a six-axis robot can’t reach.

ProMat/Automate 2019 attendees are welcome to visit Productive Robotics’ booth (#N6957) to experience the company’s cobots first hand. ###

Productive Robotics Inc. designs, manufactures and markets collaborative industrial robots and accessories used in diverse manufacturing processes. Its full line-up of OB7 cobots are the simplest, most flexible, easiest and fastest to teach collaborative robots in the market. Through its “no programming” platform, seven-axis 360- degree movable arm and proprietary intellectual property, Productive Robotics’ full line of next-generation cobots offer customers application advantages over the current cobots in the market. To learn more about Productive Robotics visit or call (805) 244-9300.


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