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Businesses large and small are implementing cobots into their manufacturing to boost productivity

Collaborative robots or "cobots" take on repetitive and mundane jobs, increasing quality, efficiency, and productivity while freeing up employees to work on other value-added tasks. Unlike traditional robots, cobots work safely alongside humans without the need for safety fencing or caging. Due to their safety, flexibility, and ease of use, businesses of all sizes are implementing cobots to automate tasks, boost productivity, and improve their bottom line.


Address Labor Shortages


Handle dull, dirty, and dangerous jobs


Increase Quality and Reduce Waste


Optimize Productivity and Efficiency


Work 24/7 nonstop


Gain competitiveness

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Cobots are embraced across a range of businesses in different industries

OB7 cobots perform a variety of applications in different industries to increase productivity, efficiency, and handle repetitive tasks

Metal Fabrication

Electronic Manufacturing

Durable Goods Manufacturing


Plastic Molding

Labs and Research


Food and Beverage

Cobots have several benefits that provide unlimited potential for manufacturers

Cobots provide many benefits such as flexibility, affordability, and simplicity that enable businesses to innovate, earn new business, create jobs, and gain a competitive advantage.

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Without the need for safety caging, fencing, and other expensive equipment that traditional robots require, cobots are highly affordable and come in all-inclusive packages that make it easy and fast to implement.

7 axis flexibility.png


Cobots can work in complex human environments safely without the need for safety caging, allowing businesses to deploy and easily move them in and out of different workstations easily. This flexibility is ideal for high-mix/low volume manufacturers too.



With safety sensors built into every joint, cobots will stop if it runs into an object or if a person hits it. No need to worry about caging or safety fencing. Staff can work safely and collaboratively in conjunction with cobots.

fast roi.png


Due to their ease of use, ability to co-work safely next to humans, and flexibility, there are less barriers to entry with cobots. By reducing labor costs, increasing productivity and efficiency, businesses see a return of investment in as little as a few weeks. 



No programming involved and no prior experience necessary. Operators simply "show" the cobot a task and it learns. Its simple and intuitive user interface allows staff to use cobots in minutes and teach it simple to complex tasks.



Unlike traditional robots which require safety caging and expensive equipment, cobots are easy to implement and seamlessly roll into existing production lines; With wheels, you can roll cobots in and out of workstations easily.

Automate thousands of different applications... with ease and simplicity

OB7 Cobot Assembly.png

Product Assembly



Machine Tending.JPG

Machine Tending

Plastic Molding






Quality Inspection


Gluing and Dispensing

Machine Tending on Laser Cutter.JPG

Laser Cutting

Work Assistant.png

Work Assistant

The flexibility really showed when we got it. Our initial idea took a turn and we ended up using OB7 for something else – a new turnkey solution, actually.

Action Plastics

Rogers, MN

We have not let go of any employees and our production has increased. We have big plans for OB7, not just on our mills but on our lathes as well.

Swiss Productions

Ventura, CA

It was extremely important for us to have a machine that would work collaboratively with the operator and be so easy that the average shop worker could use.

Xymox Technologies 

Milwaukee, WI

Get started with cobots

At Productive Robotics, we are your partners all the way through your automation journey, from planning to ensuring a successful installation. Contact us today to discuss an application and get started. 

Live interactive Demos

We offer live interactive demos weekly. See first-hand how you can automate with OB7

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Webinar Series and Events

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Automation Resources

We have several resources to help you get started automating with cobots

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