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Productive Robotics’ Blaze Welding systems provide an all-in-one robotic solution for high production welding. With built-in components such as fume extraction and LED lighting, the sealed enclosures provide enhanced safety, increased consistency, and more arc-on time welding. Both machines come with an OB7-Stretch Robot and dedicated welding software, making automation simple and fast. 

Blaze Welder LF
Large Format Automated Robotic Welding

HERO_LF_14_8236 copy.png

Complete solution for large format automated welding.

Blaze Large Format (LF)

Blaze LF is designed for ease and convenience for automation of both large and small size weldments. The 8ft long table provides unrestricted access on all sides for placing large objects and easily loading and unloading components.  

LF_CU of Side Door_8_ALT handoff copy.jpg

Blaze Welder Duo 
High Production Dual Station Robotic Welder

Duo Hero Spread_15_8318 copy.png

All-in-one solution includes everything needed for high production automated welding.

Blaze Duo

High Production Dual Station Robotic Welding

Blaze Duo is a high production dual station robot welder. With automated doors separating two identical weld stations, Blaze Duo minimizes downtime by allowing operators to safely set up one job while the robot is welding another. With Blaze Vision monitor, you can view direct video monitoring of welding, in progress.

Duo Video Screens_8394 copy.png

Both machines provide the ability to do complex welds simply. You can build and store weld recipes in a library of job related welds that are easy to access. This provides complete control and customization of all welding parameters.­ 

working CU handoff.jpg

Teaching a weld job is as simple as teaching OB7 any job. With Productive Robotics’ famous “no-programming”, physically “show” OB7 and it learns. No downtime and no writing any code. Anyone, regardless of experience, can teach OB7 to weld, customize weld jobs, and re-use them in the future.    

Blaze LF and Blaze Duo provide the ultimate all-in-one solution for high production welding with safety and simplicity. OB7 provides the quickest way to create new jobs and transition from one job to another.  By reducing use of consumables, minimizing errors and waste, and increasing arc-on-time, seasoned and experienced welders can apply their knowledge to other aspects of the welding process, such as setting up jobs, programming, and increase the amount of weld jobs. 


Contact Productive Robotics today to discuss your automated welding needs.

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