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Productive Robotics' industrial robots are used by businesses, small and large, across America to automate several types of production and manufacturing tasks. OB7 Cobots make setup and operation simple and fast, enabling existing teams to implement on their own without complex integration. Check out our case stories to see how businesses are benefiting from collaborative robot automation.

Tad Orstad

Director of Operations

Action Plastics

The flexibility really showed when we got it, set it up, and started playing around with it. Our initial idea took a quick right turn and we ended up using OB7 for something else – a new turnkey solution, actually.

Timo Lunceford

General Manager

Swiss Productions

We have not let go of any employees and our production has increased. We have big plans for OB7, not just on our mills but on our lathes as well.

Marvin Rodriguez

Vice President

True Precision Machining

Working ‘lights out’ with OB7 allows us to go home and return the next morning with a job completed, ready to start the next. OB7 has saved us significant time and money, while increasing quality and precision.

Jon Seboe

Director of Operations

Xymox Technologies

Every part we produce needs to be 100% functionally tested. The OB7 can now be used to press these buttons, allowing the Assembly Technicians to focus on other value added operations.

Quality Control / Thread Inspection

Robotic thread inspection is not new, but robotic thread inspection in a job shop environment is ambitious. Treske’s goal is to automate one of the most time-consuming tasks in quality control by integrating a collaborative robot with a dedicated thread-gaging head.

LJB Product Solutions CNC Cobot.png
CNC Machine Tending

A high mix/low volume custom engineering shop, LJB Product Solutions implements OB7 to take on higher volume work by running their cnc machine nonstop, increasing productivity and efficiency while freeing up staff to work on other tasks

CNC Machine Tending

B.I.C. Precision installs OB7 in a turning cell to load and unload parts from two lathes, reducing operator fatigue, reducing scraps by almost half, and increasing productivity by 20%.

Gluing, Assembly, Quality Control, Inspection, Packaging, & Material Handling

Action Plastics maximizes the benefit of OB7’s flexibility and 7 axis maneuverability, automating several different processes for their high mix/low to mid volume production, while also freeing up operators to focus on other tasks.

Xymox Cobot 6.jpg
Electrical Testing

Xymox Technologies implements OB7 to collaboratively test their products, allowing assembly technician to easily use automation to help relieve physical fatigue of the testing process.

CNC Machine Tending

Swiss Productions implements 2 OB7s to tend 2 HAAS milling machines, gaining an extra 32 hours per week of machine running time on top of normal 40 hours, maximizing spindle utilization and increasing employee productivity.

CNC Machine Tending

True Precision Machining implements OB7 on wire EDM machine, doubling machine output and meeting deadlines early for their high-technology customers in the medical, aerospace and communications industries.

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