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In manufacturing for the aerospace industry, quality, accuracy, speed and efficiency are among the most important needs for critical components. Aerospace engineers and manufacturers are continuously searching for ways to achieve improvements in these areas, and cobot automation provides several advantages.

Today’s collaborative robots (cobots) provide cost-effective, flexible, and simple automation solutions to improve facility operations and products.

Cobots in the aerospace industry are most frequently used to carry out the least desirable tasks in the facility: the dirty, dull and dangerous jobs that are boring, unsafe, susceptible to injury or unpleasant to execute.

Cobot automation in aerospace industry applications can be found in the following areas:

  • Machine tending

  • Welding

  • Loading and unloading

  • Staging for quality control, fulfillment and other processing

  • Data recording

  • Finishing processes

Productive Robotics Cobot .png


Automation robots can offer numerous benefits to the facility, including:

  • 24/7 lights-out operation: Using cobots for machine tending means that the spindle on your CNC equipment can keep turning 24/7, around the clock, increasing output and efficiency, reducing idle equipment time, and freeing workers for higher-value tasks.

  • Improved safety for workers: The OB7 is built to work directly alongside human workers, with built-in failsafes and safety features — a vast difference from the large, gated footprints of other robots.

  • Greater efficiency: Robots do not get bored or distracted, and do not need breaks. Automating the most repetitive, high-volume tasks in the facility means that they will get done faster than ever, increasing throughput across the board.

  • Improved accuracy and repeatability: Once “taught,” the OB7 will complete its task the same way every time, vastly reducing or eliminating errors and rework, and improving overall production efficiency and quality.

  • Operation by anyone: Unlike other collaborative robots, the OB7 can be operated by anyone, regardless of training or programming knowledge. Operators simply move the OB7 through the necessary positions to “teach” it how to complete a task — no programming necessary.

Robotics and aerospace engineering are a natural fit, but not all cobots are created the same. The OB7 cobot from Productive Robotics is tailored to meet the advanced automation needs of today’s manufacturing landscape.

The OB7 offers features that other cobots don’t, including:

  • Maximum degrees of freedom through seven-axis movement, providing ultimate flexibility. Most other cobots offer a six-axis movement.

  • “No-programming” setup and operation — simply “teach” the robot what to do simply by moving it into position.

  • Seamless integration into existing workstations — with a small footprint and wheeled base, the OB7 can be moved throughout the facility with ease.