Today's Machining World Podcast - Interview with Zac Bogart about OB7 Cobot used in Machine Shops

Today's Machining World's podcast, Swarfcast, processes the strands of today's machining world.

In episode 87, EP. 87 - A 7-AXIS COLLABORATIVE ROBOT FOR NON-PROGRAMMERS, WITH ZAC BOGART, Noah Graff, Editor of Today's Machining World, interviews Zac Bogart about OB7 Collaborative Robot, a brief history of Productive Robots, and the value that OB7 provides Machine Shops with its unique 7 axis design.

Today’s Machining World is a bold, creative, and unorthodox attempt to bring the drama and magic of the machining and manufacturing world to readers who appreciate something informative and fun. Today’s Machining World was known as Screw Machine World from 2000-2005. It has been online only since June 2011.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

A Few Highlights: 3:10: Zac shares how he got his start, creating large robots to move around special effects equipment for the film industry. His experience working with non-programmers inspired the company to build a type of robot that anyone could use. 5:15: Zac describes how his company, Productive Robotics, began developing collaborative robots in 2015. Its goal was to produce a user-friendly robot that didn’t require programming but learned through demonstration.  6:05: Zac talks about the advantages of his company’s 7-axis robot, the OB7. He says it mimics the human arm, giving the robot more maneuverability in the workplace. For instance, the robot can reach into a machine’s door even while it is not directly in front of it. 7:30: Zac describes typical applications for the OB7 in a CNC machine shop and how the robot is used to simplify routine and monotonous tasks on the shop floor. 10:50: Zac talks about the difference between how the OB7 moves from other collaborative robots on the market. It is not programmed using a series of points like traditional robots. This can make its movement seem more natural and less “robotic.” 14:35: Zac says the OB7 has a tablet, but it does not work by inputting code like most other robots. Zac says that there is still a place on the tablet where you can see coordinates if needed, but controlling the robot is almost entirely based on showing it what to do.

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