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Podcast: How Cobots Are Used In Machine Shops To Simplify Monotonous Tasks On Shop Floor

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Machine shops looking to gain a competitive advantage by keeping their CNC machines running consistently, should look no further. Collaborative robots, or 'cobots' work safely alongside staff and handle the repetitive and monotonous tasks, such as loading and unloading CNC machines. OB7 cobots are uniquely designed specifically for the CNC machine shop environment, offering extreme flexibility, precision, simplicity, and affordability.

OB7 cobots work just like a human operator, except they don't take any breaks. From opening the door, placing the part, closing the door, and pressing the start button, OB7 cobots optimize efficiency and productivity, freeing up employees to handle other tasks.

Designed to offer ultimate simplicity and ease of use, each model of OB7 is built with a "no programming" user interface, making job teaching simple. Operators physically move OB7 over a part to pick it up and place it into the machine, and OB7 learns how to perform the task.

With 7 joints (or axes) like a human arm, OB7 cobots are highly flexible and capable of reaching around obstacles and into tighter places. In a machine shop environment, this extra maneuverability is highly beneficial. OB7 can reach around and into the machine without blocking access to the machine door. Unlike 6 axis robots, which would have to be placed directly in front of the machine, OB7 frees up space for operators to work.

Listen to the full podcast on Today's Machining World's podcast, Swarfcast. to learn more about cobot applications in machine shops and the advantages of automating with OB7. Today’s Machining World was known as Screw Machine World from 2000-2005. It has been online only since June 2011.


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