MODEX 2020 - Atlanta, Georgia

Updated: Mar 5

Productive Robotics’ American-made OB7 Collaborative Robots showcase simple and fast automation solutions at MODEX 2020.

Ready day one cobot automation packages for palletizing, CNC machine tending, packaging, and assembly for businesses of all sizes

Productive Robotics will be exhibiting at booth #6685 at MODEX 2020 in Atlanta, GA.

CARPINTERIA, CA, UNITED STATES, February 25, 2020 / -- Manufacturers looking to fill jobs struggle to find qualified candidates to keep up with high demands. With 6,000 small-to-medium-sized businesses generating over 70% of manufacturing, the need for automation is at an all-time high. Cobot automation provides solutions to these challenges. At booth #6685 at Modex 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia from March 9 through 12, discover how Productive Robotics’ OB7 cobots deliver game-changing simple, safe, and smart solutions while also driving American innovation in their manufacturing. At Modex 2020, visitors will see OB7 CNC machine tending on a mill, an application that has never been simpler and faster thanks to Productive Robotics’ OB7 CNC Package. The CNC package makes it simple to start automating any CNC. The package comes fully equipped with a 7 axis collaborative robot arm as well as all the necessary accessories needed to connect to any type of CNC mill, lathe, or other CNC machine. At booth #6685, visitors will see OB7’s standard 5 kg model loading and unloading parts in and out of a milling machine.

Productive Robotics' OB7 CNC Package comes fully equipped with the accessories needed to connect to any CNC.

Productive Robotics President, Zac Bogart, states “New robotics and automation technologies continue to emerge and the market is growing increasingly competitive, but above all, customers want solutions that are fast to deploy and affordable, require minimal complex integration, and a high return on investment.” The OB7 CNC Package builds on Productive Robotics’ approach to providing ultimate simplicity, flexibility, and cost-effective solutions. The largest model of the 7-axis cobot line, OB7-Max 12, will showcase palletizing boxes. With a 12-kg payload capacity and a 1.3-meter reach, OB7-Max 12 provides a seamless and flexible automation solution for handling products with larger payloads. OB7-Max 12 also has the same “teach without programming” user interface as the rest of the OB7 models, making it simple to teach and set up jobs. In addition, its 7 axes provide greater flexibility and dexterity to reach around equipment and work in more tighter and confined workstations.

OB7 Cobot automates thousands of applications, including packaging, palletizing, machine tending, and more..

"Customers want solutions that are fast, affordable, require minimal complex integration, and a high return on investment” - Zac Bogart

Visitors will also gain a close look into how different gripper/end of arm tooling solutions can be customized to meet their production needs and speed up their manufacturing processes. In one of the demos, a CNC machine operation, OB7 will be tending a lathe using dual gripper. Utilizing two grippers in a lathe operation saves a considerable amount of time by avoiding the extra trip that would be required to unload a finished part and reload a new blank. Machinists and manufacturers alike will discover how different gripper solutions can be customized to meet their production needs and speed up their manufacturing processes. The Productive Robotics team looks forward to presenting automation solutions with OB7 to the Modex Audience. To schedule a private demo at Modex, contact For more information, visit

About Modex

The future depends on forward-thinking and decision making. Modex will show you what the future looks like through education, next generation technology, and in-action equipment. You will:

  • CONNECT with over 900 of the leading providers and see in-person, in-action how their efficiency-enhancing and cost-cutting equipment and technology solutions can futureproof your supply chain.

  • LEARN from the industry’s best minds how key industry trends and innovations can transform your manufacturing and supply chain operations during 100+ free education sessions and four powerful keynotes.

  • MEET FACE-TO-FACE with your industry peers from the U.S. and over 140 countries across the globe. Whatever manufacturing and supply chain solutions or insights you need to power your business, you’ll find them at MODEX 2020. There is no cost to attend the exhibits and conference sessions. Register today for free admission.

Contact to schedule your dedicated time slot for a private demo at Modex 2020.

See you in Atlanta, Georgia!

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