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ATX West 2020 - Anaheim, CA

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

OB7 Cobots provide medical device manufacturing, packaging, and CNC machining solutions at ATX

Productive Robotics' American-made OB7 Cobot Line provides simple, fast, and cost-effective solutions for palletizing, machine tending, and packaging at the leading automation and technology event on the West Coast, ATX West in Anaheim, CA.

Manufacturers looking to fill jobs struggle to find qualified candidates to keep up with high demands. With 6,000 small-to-medium-sized businesses generating over 70% of manufacturing, the need for automation is at an all-time high. Cobot automation provides solutions to these challenges, yet still require complex programming and high integration costs. At booth #4804 at ATX West in Anaheim, CA from Feb. 11 through 13, discover how Productive Robotics’ OB7 cobots deliver game-changing simple, safe, and smart solutions while driving American innovation in their manufacturing.

Machine Tending on a Mill with All Inclusive CNC Machine Shop Package

CNC cobot automation has never been made simpler and faster thanks to Productive Robotics’ OB7 CNC Package. The package includes all the necessary equipment required to connect to any type of CNC mill, lathe, or other CNC machine, making it simple to automate instantly. At booth 4804, visitors will see OB7’s standard 5 kg model loading and unloading parts in and out of a milling machine.

Showing off its 7th axis, OB7 stands to the side of the machine door, reaches in to place a part, closes the door, presses the start button, while providing ample room for operators to work around. With no outside integration or complex programming, Productive Robotics’ solution to CNC machine shop automation enables machine shops to begin automating instantly and see a return on investment in a few days.