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Increase machine uptime and maximize CNC throughput with OB7 machine operator.


Machine tending is a critical component in keeping processes and overall operations running efficiently and consistently. As important as these tasks are, however, they are also among the most undesirable in the facility: They are repetitive, boring, require periods of waiting and are susceptible to human error.

Collaborative robots provide consistent, nonstop operation on cnc machines. They work just like a human operator to handle loading and unloading of cnc machines. Collaborative robots (cobots) provide flexible, simple, and safe machine tending automation to fulfill repetitive, undesirable tasks while human workers carry out higher-impact, higher-value processes. Cobot machine tending applications involve loading parts for manufacturing and unloading the finished part.

Productive Robotics’ OB7 machine tending robots take on the repetitive tasks of a machine operator:

  • Open and close the machine door

  • Pick up blank parts and insert them into the machine

  • Press the cycle start button 

  • Remove the finished parts

  • Facilitate and execute finishing processes such as deburring or cleaning

Cobots from Productive Robotics are ideal for machine tending applications across myriad industries.

CNC Setup Video


Automating your CNC machines has never been easier. With all-inclusive packages for mills and lathes, the setup process for OB7 is fast and easy. OB7 comes with all the accessories needed to connect to your CNC and begin automating on day one. With OB7, you can discover an immediate cash flow in under a week.

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  • OB7 next generation cobots offer a vast range of benefits for machine tending:

  • 24/7 ‘Lights Out’ operation: With machine tending cobots in place, equipment can run around the clock, with “lights-out” operation to maximize uptime and equipment ROI. Employees need not check on the cobot until the start of the next shift or operation.

  • Optimized Efficiency and Quality: OB7 cobots will complete the required actions with high repeatability and efficiency, eliminating scraps caused by human error. OB7 does not have to be programmed, but can simply be physically moved into position by the operator.

  • Enhanced Productivity: Your workers remain your most valuable and impactful assets. With cobots completing dirty, dull, dangerous tasks, those employees have more time to spend on higher-value, more impactful and innovative tasks — the ones that cannot be completed by robots.

  • Ultimate Flexibility: OB7 can be easily moved, set up and integrated with nearly any machine in the facility. This flexibility and versatility yield a much higher ROI than stationary robots that must be extensively programmed for use with one piece of equipment.

  • Increased worker safety: Some machine tending cobots are used for other processes such as holding tools and parts for a consistent, high-quality — and safer — weld operation. By completing these tasks with cobots, your personnel are further removed from some of the most dangerous processes in the facility.


Industries where machine tending cobots are frequently used include:

  • Aerospace

  • Fabrication

  • Automotive

  • Medical

  • Consumer products

  • And more


Machine tending cobots from Productive Robotics come included with all the necessary equipment required to begin automating in one easy to set up package. Setting up OB7 is simple and fast — no programming knowledge or previous automation experience needed.  

To discuss your machine tending and automation needs, contact Productive Robotics today

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