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Greater flexibility and versatility


Truly next generation innovation

24/7 "Lights Out" Production

OB7 takes zero breaks and works nonstop around the clock
Freeing up in-house staff to work on higher-value tasks

OB7 maximizes productivity and efficiency by working diligently around the clock nonstop. Working "lights out" allows in-house staff to go home and return the next day with a job complete and ready to start the next. OB7 maximizes machine utilization and uptime and is ideal for small or large batch jobs due to its flexibility, simplicity, and portability. OB7 saves time, resources, and money, and frees up existing staff to focus on more value-added tasks. With Productive Robotics financing, discover a return on investment in a matter of days.

Simple to Use

What do we mean by "No Programming"?
If you can do it, OB7 can learn it​.

Teaching OB7 a task is as simple as showing it what to do - physically. ​Simply "show" OB7 a task using the control handle, and it automatically learns tasks and remembers it for next time. OB7's intuitive control tablet makes it simple to fine-tune and adjust jobs that are simple or complex, and produces real time production data and information.  Using visual "tiles" and a "drag and drop" interface, OB7 makes it simple for anyone to teach basic pick and place or more complex jobs like CNC machine tending​.  Staff can learn to use OB7 in a matter of minutes and create, modify, and execute thousands of different jobs instantly.  

What's the 7th Axis About?

OB7 reaches where other cobots can't

Providing greater agility, flexibility, and accuracy


OB7's arm has 7 moving joints, like a human arm, which provides more maneuverability and flexibility. With 7 axes, OB7 can reach around objects or obstacles and get into tighter and more confined spaces. The flexibility and dexterity of the 7th axis also frees up space for operators, making it convenient and simple to set up different work stations. Each of OB7's 7 joints can rotate 360 degrees in both directions for unmatched maneuverability. 

How does the 7th axis benefit CNC machining?
Extra flexibility and small footprint allows more room for operators

CNC machine tending applications benefit greatly from the 7th axis. With 7 axes, OB7 can be placed to the side of the machine door and reach around and into the machine to load and unload parts, without blocking access to the machine door. This extra flexibility is not possible with a 6 axis robot, which would need to be placed directly in front of the machine. OB7's extra flexibility and small footprint frees up space for machine operators and maximizes space on the production floor. To learn more about OB7 in CNC applications and our OB7 CNC Package visit OB7 CNC.

Fast ROI

Fast, seamless integration into existing operations

OB7 is ready to work on day one

OB7 arrives at your door and is ready to work. With no complex integration or setup time, OB7 begins working on day one and can be taught thousands of different tasks. OB7's robot rolling stand provides portability and a small footprint that enable staff to seamlessly roll in and out of different jobs with ease. With 7 axes, a small footprint, and simple user interface, OB7 is an ideal solution for small or large batch jobs. Without taking any breaks, OB7 works diligently nonstop on repetitive tasks, freeing up staff to work on more value-added jobs and tasks. With Productive Robotics' financing, discover an ROI in 10 days.


ISO 102018- Safety Compliant

No barriers, no cages, no fencing required

​OB7 is fully compliant with ISO 102018-1 safety requirements. Built with safety sensors on each joint, OB7 will stop if it runs into an object or if a person hits it. No need to worry about caging or safety fencing. With OB7, staff can expect to work safely and collaboratively in conjunction with OB7. OB7 works at various collaborative and non-collaborative speeds, and if sped up may require a password. In addition, OB7's enhanced safety not only allows it to work safely alongside people, but also helps minimize ergonomic-related injuries by completing repetitive and often dangerous work.

Made in the USA

Designed and Manufactured in Carpinteria, California
Built using the latest technology and backed by American innovation 

OB7 is fully designed and manufactured by Productive Robotics, headquartered in Carpinteria, California in Santa Barbara County. Productive Robotics' team of engineers and designers built OB7 using the latest technology to make it simple, intuitive, and user friendly for anyone to use.  ​

We believe that collaborative robotic automation solutions should be simple for all businesses, small and large. We also understand the value of having support easily accessible and just a phone call away.

OB7 is good for your bottom line

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