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High production dual station robot welder

Blaze Duo high production dual station robot welder with doors open.


Blaze Duo Welder
Dual stations for simultaneous setup and welding.

With automated doors separating two identical weld stations, Blaze Duo minimizes downtime by allowing operators to safely set up one job while the robot is welding another. With Blaze Vision monitor, you can view direct video monitoring of welding, in progress.

BlazeVision live video monitoring.

Blaze Welding Robot

Blaze DUO features the Blaze Welding robot with it’s unlimited library of welding recipes, “No Programming” drag and drop tablet controller, and complete control and customization of all welding parameters. The Blaze robot easily learns any job in minutes, from simple to complex paths, varying weld recipes and weld types.

5 Star Software

Dedicated welding software built from the ground up by industry leader Productive Robotics (not a patched-together add-on).

BlazeVision Live Video Monitoring

Direct video monitoring of welding, in progress, displayed on the Blaze Vision monitor. Welding visors, goggles, or welding screens are not required. 

7-Axis Advantage

Productive Robotics proven OB7 Stretch robot provides unmatched reach and maneuverability that only a 7-Axis robot can provide.

Unrestricted Access

Double doors at each weld station open fully to allow complete and unrestricted access to the large 4 ft x 8 ft weld table and all setups.

Filtered Fume Extraction 

Unique combination of Merv 8 + Merv 14 filtering allows the Blaze system to operate in almost any environment.

LED Lighting 

Built in bright LED lighting provides perfect illumination for setting up jobs and fixtures.



Blaze Max Mobile with doors open

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USA direct factory support by seasoned professional welding and robotics experts.

Blaze welding robot basic package for your table, your welder.
Blaze Welder

For your table, your welder (Miller, Lincoln, & most others).

Blaze LF complete automated welding package.
Blaze LF

Complete automated welding package.

Blaze Max mobile package
Blaze Mobile

Roll up to parts too large for tables.

Dramatic close up of Blaze welding robot with sparks.

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Dramatic close up of Blaze welding robot with sparks.

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