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Automated welding package complete with table and welder.

Blaze LF automated robotic welding package.


Blaze LF complete automated welding package
  • Blaze Welding Robot 

       (1550 mm/61" Radius Operating Sphere)

  • Large Format Table 

  • Auto Continuum 350 Welder

Blaze LF is designed for ease and convenience for automation of both large and small size weldments. The 8 ft long table provides unrestricted access on all sides for placing large objects and easily loading and unloading components.

Unlimited weld complexity

The unlimited library of welding recipes allow complete control and customization of all welding parameters, including: material type, weld speed, wire speed, gas flow control, weld pattern and more. Simply select your desired recipe, or customize the recipe as you choose. Unlimited different weld types can be used within a single job.

Dedicated 5 Star welding software

Built from the ground up, not a patched together add on.

All welding details and recipes are set on the Tablet Controller with Productive Robotics’ famous drag and drop display. Productive Robotics’ “No Programming” system allows anyone, regardless of experience, to teach Blaze to weld.


The 7-Axis advantage

Like a human arm, seven joints allows the operator to access all sides of a work setup without restriction. ​Productive Robotics proven OB7 Stretch robot provides unmatched reach and maneuverability that only a seven axis robot can provide.

Long reach OB7 Stretch collaborative robot

1550 mm/61" Radius Operating Sphere

Collaborative Robot Safety

Works side by side with welders.

Live Online support

By seasoned professional welding and robotics experts.

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USA direct factory support by seasoned professional welding and robotics experts.

Blaze welding robot basic package for your table, your welder.
Blaze Welder

For your table, your welder (Miller, Lincoln, & most others).

Blaze Max mobile package
Blaze Mobile

Roll up to parts too large for tables.

Blaze Duo high production dual station robot welder with doors open.
Blaze Duo

High production dual station robot welder.

Dramatic close up of Blaze welding robot with sparks.

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Dramatic close up of Blaze welding robot with sparks.

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