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Blaze reach


No robot experience or programming required.

Blaze Welder and control tablet.
Automated welding for your table, your welder.

Blaze Welder works with your current welding setup. Compatible with Miller, Lincoln, and most others.

  • Increase high-quality throughput 2X-5X day one

  • Unmatched 7-axis maneuverability‭ around fixtures

  • 1,550‭ ‬mm‭ (‬61”‭) robot torch reach (including MIG torch)

  • Weld speed up to 2,540‭ ‬mm‭ (‬100”‭) ‬per minute

  • Unlimited weld recipes

  • Continuous‭, ‬Tack‭, ‬Stitch‭, ‬Weave welding modes

  • Drag and drop touch tablet controller

Consistency and Quality

  • 100% consistent, clean, precise welds

  • Eliminate or reduce Post Weld grinding and cleanup

  • Zero operator fatigue or monotony

  • Perfect weld repeatability every time


  • Zero robot programming required

  • Blaze learns when you show it

  • Zero robot experience required

  • Fast training (teach Blaze your first weld in minutes)


  • Fast short run changeovers

  • Zero reprogramming on repeat jobs

  • High Mix or Low Mix

  • Short Run or Long Runs

  • No new fixturing required. Use your existing fixtures.

7-Axis Maneuverability

  • More welds without re-fixturing

  • Maneuver around clamping and fixtures 

  • Unlimited weld types and styles in a single run

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Increase high-quality throughput 2x—5x day one.

USA direct factory support by seasoned professional welding and robotics experts.

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Blaze LF complete automated welding package.
Blaze LF

Complete automated welding package.

Blaze Max mobile package
Blaze Mobile

Roll up to parts too large for tables.

Blaze Duo high production dual station robot welder with doors open.
Blaze Duo

High production dual station robot welder.

Dramatic close up of Blaze welding robot with sparks.

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