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Optimize repeatability, accuracy, and efficiency in assembly processes. OB7 collaborative robots provide consistent and precise operation of product assembly, moving and positioning components for optimal assembly, and inspecting and testing product quality. With the option to customize gripper or end of arm tooling, you can easily adapt the gripping mechanism to suit specific assembly processes.


Collaborative robots like OB7 provide safety, and will stop or slow down if a person comes into contact. Incorporating OB7 into assembly leads to higher-quality products and increased production output for businesses of any size.

Most effective uses of cobot automated assembly occur in the following industries:

  • Electronics assembly

  • Consumer goods 

  • Pharmaceutical products

  • Packagers and co-packagers

The OB7 Robot is picking up a part while working a job.



Cobots from Productive Robotics offer the most flexible arms with seven axes of movement, whereas most other robots only offer five- or six-axes movement.

Key benefits of assembly applications with OB7 cobots from Productive Robotics:


  • Accuracy and Efficiency: Assembly tasks require utmost precise and accurate movements for optimal results. Cobots are an excellent choice for assembly work, as they offer highly accurate and repeatable movements, leading to fewer errors and increased efficiency. ​

  • "No Programming": OB7 cobots can be easily set up and operated by anyone on your team, with no programming or coding skills necessary. Operators can teach OB7 by moving it into position and using a straightforward graphical interface to make adjustments.

  • Improved Safety: Collaborative robots can complete assembly tasks without being fenced off or behind a cage, and will stop or slow down if a person comes into contact.

  • Free Up Personnel for High-Value Tasks: Collaborative robot assembly systems allow human workers to focus on other high-value tasks that require critical thinking and decision-making. By automating repetitive and tedious assembly tasks, workers can be reassigned to more complex and strategic roles.


When working with Productive Robotics and OB7, it is simple to begin automating. With easy assembly and setup, be ready to start making an impact from day one.

To discuss your cobot automation needs and goals, and how we can help, contact us today.

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