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Gluing is an essential part of the manufacturing process in various industries, from automotive, plastics molding, to consumer goods. The quality and accuracy of the gluing process has a significant impact on the final product's quality and durability.

OB7 collaborative robots from Productive Robotics ensure consistent and precise application of adhesive substances. Additionally, the gripper or end of arm tooling can be easily switched to accommodate various adhesive substances or product types.


Benefits of OB7 in gluing operations include:

  • Consistent, precise dispensing of adhesives onto products or parts

  • Conducting precise paths and movements for optimal gluing

  • Repeating the same motions and patterns consistently without interruption

  • Inspecting and testing the quality of glue application

Collaborative robot gluing systems are useful in various industries including:

  • Automotive

  • Plastics Molding

  • Consumer Goods

  • Furniture

  • Manufacturing

Cobot gluing with OB7 offers simplicity, flexibility, and safety. OB7 works alongside human operators and will stop or slow down if a person comes into contact. OB7 increases production output, reduce errors, and improve overall product quality.

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Collaborative robotic gluing systems provide many advantages. Cobots from Productive Robotics offer a highly flexible arm with seven axes of movement, providing greater versatility in gluing applications.


In addition to increased flexibility, below are more benefits of gluing with cobots:

  • Optimal Accuracy and Precision: Gluing is a repetitive task that requires consistent and precise movements for optimal adhesive application. Cobots are perfect for gluing tasks since they provide highly accurate and repeatable movements, resulting in reduced errors and greater efficiency. Cobots dispense adhesives onto products or parts with precision and consistency, providing optimal gluing.

  • "No Programming": OB7 cobots can be set up and operated by anyone on your staff, as there is no programming or coding knowledge required. Operators can easily "teach" OB7 by moving it into position and using a simple graphical interface to make adjustments.

  • Safe Operation: Collaborative robots take on the repetitive tasks with consistency and without breaks, reducing the risks of work-related injuries. In addition, cobots work alongside human workers without a cage, and will stop or slow down if coming into contact with a person.

  • Free Up Staff: Collaborative robot gluing systems allow human workers to focus on other high-value tasks that require critical thinking and decision-making. With repetitive and tedious gluing tasks automated, workers can be redeployed to more complex and strategic roles.


When working with Productive Robotics and OB7, it is simple to begin automating. With easy assembly and setup, be ready to start making an impact from day one.

To discuss your cobot automation needs and goals, and how we can help, contact us today.

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