Packaging is a critical part of the production process across various industries, from packaging individual parts, to packing into larger containers, to palletizing in preparation for shipping. The consistency, efficiency and accuracy of the packaging process can play a major role in the overall cost and fulfillment timeline for a job, since improper or inefficient packaging can lead to issues such as damaged product, repacking and rework, and wasted shipping space.

Cobot packaging is an ideal solution to these issues, incorporating collaborative robots into the packaging process for maximum repeatability with increased accuracy.

A collaborative packing robot can fulfill tasks such as:

  • Pick and place

  • Place items on or take them from conveyor belt 

  • Filling packages or containers

  • Scanning barcodes

  • Palletizing

  • Labeling and kitting

  • Preparing or conducting QC


Collaborative robot packing offers the benefits of traditional automation, with the benefits of simple set up, ease of use, and safety of working directly alongside personnel. Below are some of the main benefits that collaborative robots provide for packaging and palletizing:

Productive Robotics Cobot .png



Collaborative robotic packaging solutions provide flexibility and versatility. Cobots from Productive Robotics offer the most flexible arms with seven axes of movement, whereas most other robots only offer five- or six-axes movement. In addition, the gripper or end of arm tooling can easily be switched to suit the specific application or product.

In addition, below are more benefits of packaging with cobots:


  • Accuracy and efficiency: Packaging is a repetitive task that requires the same repeated movements, with a high degree of accuracy. These types of tasks are incredibly dull for human workers, which can lead to distraction, errors, more frequent breaks and lower morale. Cobots are perfectly suited for packaging applications because they provide consistent, accurate, and repeatable movements. Cobots can pick and pack products from a conveyor and place parts into packages, and into larger containers for shipping. With no breaks, sick time or vacation, these cobots can run 24/7, so fulfillment occurs as efficiently as possible.

  • Safety improvements: When dealing with larger boxes or containers, there are numerous risks of injury. From repetitive stress injuries to the risk of handling larger, heavy packages, cobots can complete these tasks without a problem, easing the wear and tear on your workers.

  • Alleviate personnel to focus on problem solving and other high-value tasks: Packaging automation does not replace the need for human workers. Cobots must be sensibly deployed, set up and configured, and your personnel’s expertise will always be necessary to help ensure that the automation is indeed working optimally. 

  • While cobots are useful for carrying out the dull, dirty and dangerous tasks, human workers are the ones who are able to think critically and make the important decisions that determine just how effective automation will be. 

  • “No programming” operation, regardless of technical knowledge: OB7 cobots can be set up by anyone on your staff, since there is no programming or coding knowledge required. Operators simply “teach” OB7 by moving it into position and using a simple, graphical interface to make adjustments.


Nearly every industry can benefit from packaging with cobots, but some of the most effective uses occur in the following:

  • Food and beverage

  • Consumer goods 

  • Pharmaceutical products

  • Packagers and co-packagers


When working with Productive Robotics and OB7, it is simple to begin automating. With easy assembly and setup, be ready to start making an impact from day one.

To discuss your cobot automation needs and goals, and how we can help, contact us today.