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Testing and quality control are critical process in the manufacturing facility, demanding high precision as well as consistency and efficiency. Efficient testing yields benefits including reduced scrap and improved throughput. At the same time, poorly managed, inefficient testing can result in damaged products, lost time, and costs. 

By investing in collaborative robots like OB7, manufacturers can create high-quality products that meet the demands of the market. OB7 collaborative robots are designed to work alongside humans in a shared workspace, and automate repetitive testing processes safely and efficiently.  

Automated testing with OB7 robot offers:

  • Repetitive, nonstop operation

  • Consistent, precise testing and quality control

  • Eliminates human risk of injury  

  • Safe operation

Testing cobots are found in numerous industries including:

  • electronics manufacturing

  • automotive manufacturing

  • aerospace manufacturing

  • consumer packaged goods

The OB7 Robot works inside of the Xymox facility
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Collaborative robots in testing applications benefit manufacturers in a wide range of areas. These benefits include:


  • “No programming”: OB7 cobots can be set up by anyone on your staff, since there is no programming or coding knowledge required. Operators simply “teach” OB7 by moving it into position and using a simple, graphical interface to make adjustments.

  • Simple setup and operation: Productive Robotics’ OB7 is designed for easy setup and “no programming” operation. This means anyone in the facility can “teach” the robot how to complete a given palletizing operation simply by moving the robot arm into position and adjust using a user-friendly touchscreen interface.

  • Automation of repetitive tasks:  A robotic testing system automates repetitive processes — which can be laborious, dull, and dangerous, especially if testing thousands of products. Testing with a cobot fulfills these tasks while your personnel focus on higher-impact and higher-value work.


  • Higher throughput in fulfillment and inventory: Testing and CQ cobots can test products more efficiently and at higher precision than human workers. Automating these processes results in faster turnaround, less rework and damage, and an overall shorter process.


  • Nonstop operation: A major benefit of automation is the ability to operate around the clock, with minimal or no human interaction. Testing cobots are ready for “lights-out” operation, enabling a true 24-hour facility without the need for a full staff of workers overnight.


  • Safety: By introducing a collaborative robot into the testing process, you can be assured that products will be accurately and precisely tested. Furthermore, cobots are designed to work directly alongside your employees safely without guarding, allowing them to provide quality control in real time.

With the OB7 cobot, everything you need to begin automating your palletizing operations comes in one package. The OB7 can be assembled and set up right away — ready to improve productivity, efficiency, safety and quality the same day you receive it.


Contact Productive Robotics today to discuss your automated palletizing needs.

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