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A cobot work assistant increases efficiency and optimizes productivity across various industries production processes. A collaborative robot handles repetitive work such as handling individual parts, to testing and quality control, and preparing products for shipping. The consistency, efficiency, and accuracy of a cobot work assistant significantly boosts the productivity of your staff and enables them to focus on other critical aspects of the production process.

A collaborative work assistant can perform tasks such as:


  • Fill packages or containers

  • Prepare or conduct quality control

  • Loading machines or other equipment

Every industry can benefit from working with OB7 cobots, but some of the most effective uses for an automated work assistant occur in the following:​

  • Consumer/Electronics goods 

  • Pharmaceutical products

  • Food and beverage 

  • Packagers and co-packagers

A collaborative robot like OB7 from Productive Robotics offers a cost-effective, simple automation solution. With zero programming, OB7 can be taught by anyone and is suitable for any size business. 

OB7 acting as a work assistant
Work Assistant.png


OB7 work assistant provides an extra hand in the workspace without hiring another person. With its small footprint, OB7 seamlessly works alongside your existing staff safely. Below are key benefits of OB7 collaborative robots:


  • Precision and Accuracy: OB7 offers consistent and accurate operation, which make it the perfect assistant for a number of different tasks. 

  • Reliability: Long are the days of taking breaks and days off. OB7 works 24/7. Designed to operate continuously, there is no maintenance or downtime, making OB7 the ideal assistant. 

  • Simple: OB7 requires no programming, allowing anyone on your staff to teach it what to do. The user-friendly interface makes it quick and easy for anyone on your staff to operate. 

  • Flexibility: With its 7-axis arm flexibility, OB7 can reach around obstacles and get into tight places.  


When working with Productive Robotics and OB7, it is simple to begin automating. With easy assembly and setup, be ready to start making an impact from day one.

To discuss your cobot automation needs and goals, and how we can help, contact us today.

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