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Discover the world's largest range of collaborative welding robots.

Mig •  Laser  •  Mobile  •  Multi-robot  •  Dual Station 61” or 85” Reach  •  Turn-key & Custom  •  Much More

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Automate with confidence.
Guaranteed to double your production at a minimum or we buy back.

Boost productivity 2X minimum. 5X is common.
Receive and deploy into existing production the same day.

Maintain high quality welds.

Consistent, clean and precise.

Lower your cost per weld.

Substantially increase arc-on time.

Easily learn and operate in minutes.

No programming “teach by touch” technology.

Increase job satisfaction and safety

Eliminate fatigue and monotony.


Associated American Industries boosts productivity with laser welding.

“Blaze Laser lets us replace thousands of spot welds with continuous laser welded seams. This is both faster and completely seals the parts instead of just connecting them.”

—Associated American Industries

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