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The automotive industry has a long history tied to traditional robot automation, but many opportunities exist for collaborative robots (cobots) to increase quality and minimize costs.  Cobots in automotive industry provide the flexibility for OEMs and subcontractors to adhere to customers’ changing demands through their ease of use, flexible arms, and cost-effectiveness. Unlike traditional robots, cobots do not require safety barriers and fencing and work in close collaboration with your workforce, maximizing productivity while enhancing safety.

OB7 collaborative robots in automotive manufacturing are used to automate processes such as:

  • CNC machine loading and unloading

  • Picking and placing raw stock and finished parts

  • Assembly tasks for transmission components, clutch assemblies, mirror assemblies, head and taillight assemblies, ignition modules, and more

  • Fastening and screwdriving  

  • Quality inspection

From cobots for the automobile assembly line to automating single, specific tasks, cobots improvise production efficiencies while allowing OEMs and subcontractors to see a fast return on investment. Productive Robotics’ cobots are easy to set up and simple to operate through their “no-programming” operation, extreme flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

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Cobot car and automotive industry benefits are extensive, yielding time and cost advantages through the following ways:

  • Optimize quality, efficiency, and productivity: Automation in the automotive industry has long provided benefits by automating repetitive tasks that are subject to distraction and errors when handled exclusively by human workers. With car assembly line robots, cobots take over the most dangerous, dull and dirty tasks, completing them with maximum accuracy, safety and efficiency, while freeing skilled workers for higher-impact tasks.


  • Unmatched flexibility with seven degrees of movement — not six: Most cobots provide up to six axes of movement. OB7 from Productive Robotics provides a full seven axes of motion like a human arm, providing unmatched flexibility to reach around obstacles and get into tighter places. While car assembly robots are fixed and bolted to the ground, cobots like OB7 can automate multiple tasks and easily change between different jobs.


  • The simplest “no-programming” operation in the industry: OB7 can be set up and operated by anyone — regardless of programming knowledge. Instead of writing code or programming, the operator “teaches” the cobot by moving it through motions using a simple, intuitive, graphics-based tablet interface.


  • Fast set up and seamless integration into existing production lines: With a small footprint and easy mobility, OB7 can be set up quickly in under a few hours and move from one application to another with ease — from machine tending to quality inspection. The ease of set up and flexibility allows manufacturers to see improved production efficiency and fast return on investment and .


  • True collaboration with human workers: With built-in safety features, OB7 is designed to work in conjunction with human workers — no need for large cages; massive work envelopes; disruptive alarms; and noisy, dangerous automation equipment. By working alongside workers safely, cobots and humans can work together to complete tasks with greater efficiency and enhanced safety.


With no downtime, complex integration, or high costs, getting started with cobots is simple and fast. With your in-house staff, you can set up and start automating in a few hours.

Robotic Machine Tending With Collaborative Robots
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When working with Productive Robotics, you get everything needed to begin automating instantly, making it fast and simple to get started.

To learn more, contact Productive Robotics today to discuss your automation needs and the specifics of your project.

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