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Collaborative robot (cobot) automation is one of the most effective ways for electronics manufacturers to keep up with increased demand. Meeting quality and fulfillment commitments while maintaining the bottom line through more efficient use of resources is a top priority.


Cobots provide automation expansion across a number of product lines in advanced electronics — including automobiles, home appliances and more. Next generation cobots like OB7 can be easily “taught” numerous tasks without the need for programming knowledge, and can work directly alongside your human workers without the fear of safety risks. 


OB7 robots in electronics manufacturing fulfill needs with:


  • Seven axes (or degrees of freedom) compared to six-axes movement — or less — from other robots.

  • No-programming — simply “show” the cobot by moving it into place and OB7 learns. Adjust your job using a simple touchscreen interface.

  • Minimal footprint designed for easy mobility and integration with existing equipment.

  • Fast and easy setup.

The OB7 Robot is shown working in the Xymox facility
Productive Robotics Cobot .png




The benefits of using OB7 in electronics manufacturing include:


  • Safe integration with personnel and processes: Cobots are designed to work directly alongside people, and differ greatly from the massive, fenced-off equipment often associated with automation. With easy setup and placement, cobots can introduce new levels of efficiency into nearly any step in the electronics manufacturing and assembly process: picking and placing boards, holding pieces in place for assembly, and much more.


  • Consistent and repeatable movements: Electronics components are intricate and delicate, and must be handled carefully to avoid damaging their construction. Cobots are ideal for this process — better ensuring a consistent, highly repeatable process that achieves the same level of care in every cycle. This frees human workers — who may otherwise grow tired or bored in repetitive handling tasks — to carry out higher-value jobs.


  • Fast and easy setup and operation : OB7 from Productive Robotics can be assembled and set up within a few hours of arrival at your facility, and it is then ready to be integrated with nearly any process. OB7 is specifically designed for operation by anyone, regardless of programming knowledge (or lack thereof).


  • No programming: Instead of programming the cobot, the operator simply “teaches” OB7 how to move through its task and uses a familiar, intuitive touchscreen interface to make adjustments. The OB7 can  also be easily moved and re-taught different jobs, even during the same shift.

When getting started with  OB7, everything you need to instantly begin automating arrives in one package, giving you increased efficiency and quality in:


  • Electronics assembly

  • Welding and soldering

  • Picking, placing and packaging

  • QC facilitation

  • Palletizing and fulfillment steps


To learn more about how we can help, contact Productive Robotics today.

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