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Cobots (collaborative robots) offer numerous uses in the food and beverage industry — automating tasks; supporting workers; and increasing speed, productivity, accuracy and safety. From packaging to food product handling and more, cobots in food industry applications provide numerous benefits in myriad areas and processes throughout the facility.

Food processing robots from Productive Robotics are among the most innovative, versatile, easy-to-set-up cobots available, designed to solve speed and efficiency issues, improve safety and worker satisfaction, maximize value, and provide ROI as quickly as possible. With seven-axes movement; easy, “no-programming” setup; and a small, versatile, mobile footprint, our robots — including the OB7 — are ready to deliver these benefits to you.​

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Robotics and automation in food processing industry applications offer a wide range of benefits in speed, cost and efficiency. These benefits are delivered through:


  • Providing consistency and accuracy in repetitive, dull tasks: The most repetitive tasks in food and beverage manufacturing are boring, susceptible to distraction and prone to error. These tasks and roles are typically undesirable and can prove difficult to fill and maintain coverage. Robotics in the food industry can help fulfill these tasks, providing the same level of quality and repeatability every time, without the need for breaks, sick days or vacation time — and enabling around-the-clock operation if necessary.


  • Assisting in dangerous tasks: In addition to dull tasks, dirty and dangerous tasks make up the rest of the “three D’s” that are considered ideal for automation and cobots. In the food industry, that can mean working in very high or low temperatures, or in specialized environments required for certain types of food and beverage handling and packaging. Rather than subjecting human workers to these conditions, food-grade robots can complete these tasks safely and quickly.

  • Enabling workers to focus on higher-value tasks: Instead of boring, repetitive tasks, your employees can apply their expertise and innovation to higher-value tasks and problem solving that a robot cannot address.


  • Cobot versatility through innovation: The OB7 from Productive Robotics is designed for easy setup and movement, and fast, simple integration with nearly any machine on the facility floor. We understand the challenges of automation integration and have specifically designed our products to address them, allowing for maximum versatility and value from your automation investment.


  • Setup and operation by anyone — no programming knowledge needed: With “no-programming” operation, the OB7 is ready to start making an impact as soon as you receive it. The robot is “taught,” rather than programmed, by simply moving the arm and gripper into place and using an intuitive touchscreen, graphics-based interface to “tell” the robot what to do.

When working with Productive Robotics, everything you need to begin automating is delivered in one package to get you up and running as quickly as possible.


Some of the applications for which cobots can be used in the food and beverage industry include:


  • Packaging fruits, vegetables and processed foods

  • Picking products from storage, including from extremely cold storage environments

  • Completing specialized tasks for which extra hygienic measures may be required

  • Packaging products in specialized environments, such as pressurized

  • Sorting and packaging product for fulfillment

To discuss your automation needs and learn more about how we can help, contact us today.