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Laboratories and research facilities demand some of the most accurate, safe and efficient product handling processes and practices across all industries. In these settings, materials must be handled extremely carefully to protect personnel, keep specimens intact and uphold the quality of production.


Coupled with these safety and accuracy requirements, laboratories must also be concerned with fast, efficient handling to keep processes moving and return results and products in a timely manner. Cobots (collaborative robots) are increasingly being used to address these challenges, supporting lab personnel, improving safety and output, and taking these facilities to a new level of productivity.


A collaborative laboratory robot can provide benefits including:

  • Increased throughput

  • Better accuracy

  • Safety improvements

  • Improved quality


The OB7 cobot from Productive Robotics is ideally suited for use as a lab robot, offering additional benefits including:

  • “No programming” operation — the OB7 can be physically “taught” and operated by anyone, regardless of programming experience or expertise

  • Fast and easy setup – In-house staff can setup and operate in a few hours

  • Extreme flexibility – with 7 axes (or joints), like a human arm, OB7 provides utmost flexibility and dexterity to reach around obstacles and get into tighter places

  • versatile, mobile operation — the OB7 can be easily moved to several workstations throughout the day and taught different tasks, maximizing the efficiency benefits and return on investment

  • Safety - OB7 is designed to work directly alongside employees without fencing or cages

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Lights Out Production: OB7 CNC machine robot arm is a cost-effective and easy-to-set-up solution that provides the fastest ROI of any other cobot on the market. By ensuring that spindles are always turning, gain the benefits of 24/7 operation with no breaks, absences, production stoppages, and lower operation costs.

  • Here, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of laboratory testing robots, research robots, lab handling robots, and other cobot applications in lab and research settings.

  • Increased throughput for repetitive processes: In laboratories and research facilities, there are a number of standard, repetitive processes that occur in between the intricate scientific work being done. These processes and applications include:


  • Picking and placing test tubes and other sample holders

  • Capping and uncapping test tubes

  • Labeling

  • Scanning

  • Loading and unloading centrifuges and other work equipment

  • Sample sorting and processing


  • Cobots can fulfill these processes with an unparalleled level of accuracy and efficiency, operating alongside lab personnel to help them work more quickly and accurately.

  • Minimized product damage or loss: Processes such as capping and uncapping or loading and unloading are among the most fraught with risk, as these handling-intensive types of processes are where spills, breaks or drops are most likely to happen. These types of incidents not only pose a danger to workers, but they also lead to lost time and money. OB7 cobot can be “taught” to fulfill these processes with unparalleled accuracy and repeatability, better ensuring materials remain intact and untainted.


  • Improved safety: With lab cobots, employees are less likely to be exposed to potentially dangerous materials and fumes, and are less subject to situations such as broken glass or plastic materials.

  • Increased accuracy in production processes and fulfillment: Cobots are designed to fulfill tasks as “instructed” the same way, every time. When personnel are responsible for these repetitive, dull tasks, they are more likely to make mistakes. These tasks can also divert attention from their more critical core responsibilities.

With OB7, everything you need to begin automating instantly comes in one package. The OB7 can be set up and put into operation the same day you receive it. It can also be operated by anyone — regardless of previous programming experience.


OB7 cobots are designed and manufactured in the USA. With Productive Robotics, you gain direct factory support and a partner throughout your automation journey. To discuss your automation project, contact Productive Robotics today.