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American made collaborative robots

machinist using collaborative robot

OB7 Collaborative Robots

Cobots designed & built in the USA.

CNC machine operator teaching OB7 collaborative robot.
OB7 collaborative robot
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Cobot is short for collaborative robot.

Unlike traditional robots, cobots don't require a cage and work safely around people. They are also easier to program and more flexible. OB7 is the newest generation of cobots, offering unmatched simplicity. 

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No code written on puzzle blocks
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No programming. Zero.

Automate tasks in minutes. No classes‭, ‬training academy‭, ‬or robotics‭ ‬experience needed‭. ‬Even for complex jobs‭. OB7 learns by physically moving it through a task.

CNC Lathe operator happy with part made by OB7 collaborative robot
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Unmatched automation productivity, accuracy and safety.

By providing consistent repeatable operation in production tasks‭, ‬OB7‭ ‬eliminates errors‭, ‬reduces scrap‭, ‬and improves throughput‭. ‬

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Automation is limitless.

OB7‭ ‬seamlessly rolls into an existing production line and starts automation quickly‭. ‬No downtime waiting to re-engineer your production line and no waiting for software or programming‭. ‬ From high volume production to‭ ‬short runs and high mix/low volume jobs‭, ‬OB7‭ ‬automates any task for any size business. ‬

Six OB7 collaborative robots (cobots) tending CNC machines at Abacorp
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“Since adding six OB7 robots‭, ‬we haven’t let go of a single person‭. ‬We’ve actually ramped up our workforce‭.‬”
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The only cobots made in America. All with direct factory support.

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OB7 Stretch

7-axis robot—extreme ‬maneuverability Payload‭: ‬4‭ ‬kg‭

Reach‭: ‬1.25‭ ‬meter

OB7 Max 8

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7-axis robot—extreme ‬maneuverability

Payload‭: ‬8‭ ‬kg‭ ‬
Reach‭: ‬1.7‭ ‬meter

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7-axis robot—extreme ‬maneuverability

Payload‭: ‬5‭ ‬kg‭ ‬
Reach‭: ‬1‭ ‬meter

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OB7 Max 12

7-axis robot—extreme ‬maneuverability

Payload‭: ‬12‭ ‬kg‭ ‬
Reach‭: ‬1.3‭ ‬meter

OB7 collaborative robot (cobot) lineup showing 4 different OB7 models
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LJB Productions
“I was surprised at how simple OB7‭ ‬was to use‭. ‬I almost had to simplify my thoughts for programming‭.‬”
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Swiss Productions‭
“Working‭ ‬‘lights out’‭ ‬with OB7‭ ‬allows us to go home and return the next morning with a job completed‭, ‬ready to start the next‭. ‬OB7‭ ‬has saved us significant time and money‭, ‬while increasing quality and precision‭.‬”
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Lenkbar LLC
“OB7‭ ‬isn’t just a dummy pick-and-place robot‭. ‬It gives us analytical data about each part‭.‬”‭ ‬
OB7 collaborative robot (cobot) basic package
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Our robot automation experts are right here in the USA, ready to help.

“Every time we’ve reached out‭, ‬we got a real person to respond to us immediately‭, ‬which has been fantastic‭.‬”‭ —Xymox Technologies

American made collaborative robots

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