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Software Version 2

Software Installation Instructions 

To install the software update on your OB7 robot, follow these steps:


  1. Download the software update and copy it onto a USB flash drive.  This should be the only file on the flash drive and it should be a 2 gig or larger drive.

  2. Insert the USB flash drive into any free USB port on the OB7 computer.

  3. Tap the help icon in the upper left corner of the tablet (Circle with the question mark inside).

  4. Tap “Diagnostics”.

  5. Tap “Update System”.

  6. Home OB7.  The “home” position is with the arm pointing straight up.  Press and hold the “Home” button until ob7 is pointing straight up.

  7. When you are prompted, tap “OK” to return to the home screen and begin the update.

  8. Wait for the update to complete.  It will take several minutes.

Software Download File
  1. Software Version 2 

New Features and Capabilities
  1. Feature one

  2. Feature two

  3. Feature three

Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements
  1. Bug fix one

  2. Bug fix two

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