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Increase quality, efficiency, and gain a competitive advantage with the simplest to use cobots 

Manufacturers large and small are implementing industrial collaborative robots – or cobots – into their production to address labor challenges, increase productivity, and improve quality. OB7 Collaborative robots are the simplest and most flexible cobots for automating thousands of industrial production tasks across all industries. 

The versatility of OB7 cobots makes them an ideal solution for production environments. Cobots foster unparalleled efficiency, speed and productivity in machine tending tasks, picking and placing of raw product, changeovers, and finishing processes. By ensuring that every second counts between cycles and processes, and delivering accuracy, OB7 helps you improve throughput, quality and speed.


Tad Orstad

Director of Operations

Action Plastics

The flexibility really showed when we got it, set it up, and started playing around with it. Our initial idea took a quick right turn and we ended up using OB7 for something else – a new turnkey solution, actually.

Timo Lunceford

General Manager

Swiss Productions

We have not let go of any employees and our production has increased. We have big plans for OB7, not just on our mills but on our lathes as well.

Marvin Rodriguez

Vice President

True Precision Machining

Working ‘lights out’ with OB7 allows us to go home and return the next morning with a job completed, ready to start the next. OB7 has saved us significant time and money, while increasing quality and precision.

Jon Seboe

Director of Operations

Xymox Technologies

Every part we produce needs to be 100% functionally tested. The OB7 can now be used to press these buttons, allowing the Assembly Technicians to focus on other value added operations.

Productive Robotics' full line of 7 Axis industrial robotic arms are known for their simplicity and ease of use. With zero programming, physically show OB7 and it learns. Existing staff can automate tasks in minutes.
OB7 cobots also have the greatest flexibility due to their 7 axis robot arms. Their lightweight, small robot footprint, and extra flexibility make them ideal for working in various industrial manufacturing environments and assembly lines. By focusing on easy implementation and intuitive automation, the OB7 starts delivering return on investment much faster than other cobot manufacturers.


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Getting started with collaborative robot automation has never been easier. Discover how simple, safe, flexible, and cost effective cobot solutions can make you competitive. Check out our free resources below or schedule an online demo to get started.

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