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Swiss Productions, Inc.


Ventura, CA


CNC Machine Tending

Swiss Productions implements 2 OB7 cobots to operate their CNC mill machines, eliminating idle spindle time, maximizing production, and increasing  productivity

Swiss Productions CNC Manufacturing Cobot, Maching Tending Lights Out

Swiss Productions CNC Manufacturing Cobot, Maching Tending Lights Out

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A high quality, efficient, and reliable screw CNC machine shop making two million parts per month, Swiss Productions gained a competitive advantage by implementing two OB7 cobots on their CNC mills to eliminate idle spindle time and maximize production


From a family owned company that started in a 750 square foot facility and 5 screw machines, Swiss Productions grew to what it is today – a high quality, precision, and reliable screw machine shop producing over 2 million parts per month to customers worldwide in the medical, electronics, aerospace, and government industries.


Located in Ventura, California, Swiss Productions today has over 50 screw machines and 30 secondary machines and produces components ranging in size from 2.5 inches in diameter down to syringe tips measuring .019 inches in diameter. Meeting the demands of their customers nationally and internationally while also maintaining the utmost quality requires constant innovation, forward thinking, and finding creative solutions to challenges.  


So, when faced with the challenge of maximizing their machine output and employee productivity, they quickly began exploring new solutions.