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Educate students about collaborative robots of the future
Engage learning with the simplest and smartest technology
Inspire careers in robotics, engineering and manufacturing

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Position Students For Success In the Changing Workforce

The workforce is changing rapidly and manufacturers must adapt to gain a competitive advantage. OB7 collaborative robots, or "cobots", from Productive Robotics are the robots of tomorrow, changing the game for small and large businesses through simple and effortless automation. For the next generation of students, OB7 cobots provide hands-on learning experiences using the most intuitive robot software that is shaping the way businesses' compete in the future. 

Robots In STEM Education, Research, and Labs 

Inspire Careers In Technology and Robotics


Robotics education in STEM fields allows students to become inspired about careers in technology, robotics, automation and advanced manufacturing. OB7's simplicity and flexibility make it an ideal tool for training robot programming and adapting the robot to various course subjects such as mathematics, engineering, and computer science.  

  • Inspire careers in technology & robotics 

  • Foster skills in mathematics, engineering, and programming

  • Gain hands on robotics instruction with next generation robots OB7

  • Expose and educate students about the latest advancements in robotics and how they can be applied to solve real-world production challenges

Group of students gathered around OB7 to learn how to use it
OB7 Robot at ABA Corp

Trade/Technical School Robotics Education

Prepare Students for Robots In the Workforce


Through hands-on training with the simplest and most intuitive robots, students in trade and technical schools will discover how OB7 robots are applied in the workforce to perform a wide range of tasks. Students learn how to operate OB7 and apply it to applications such as CNC machine tending, welding, assembly, packaging, inspection, quality control and more. 

  • Prepare students for working with robots in the real world

  • Gain hands on robotics instruction with next generation robots OB7

  • Learn how to operate robots in industrial environments

  • Develop technical skills and experience that can be applied directly to the workforce in trades and manufacturing 


Productive Robotics' famous "no programming" software enables easy instruction without barriers. Through hands-on curriculum and training with OB7, students gain knowledge and experience about the latest advancements in robotics and how robots like OB7 solve real-world production challenges.

  • Simple - User friendly interface makes OB7 an ideal learning tool for students 

  • Unmatched flexibility - with seven degrees of movement, OB7 is highly flexible and adaptable

  • Fast set up - No complex integration or difficult programming, providing seamless setup in classrooms

  • Safe - No cage or fence required, enabling a safe learning environment

Ready to Introduce OB7 Into Your Classroom?

Productive Robotics partners with education institutions and technology providers to implement OB7 cobots into classrooms.  To learn more, contact Productive Robotics today to discuss how OB7 can be a fit for your classroom.

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