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Simple CNC Machine Tending
Robot Operation

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24/7 quality output on your CNC machines

Introducing OB7, the collaborative robot that stands right in front of your CNC machines, seamlessly handling the loading and unloading of parts. OB7 operates tirelessly, without breaks or interruptions, minimizing machine idle time and significantly enhancing overall productivity. Designed and manufactured in America, OB7 is a powerful asset for job shops and large machine shops nationwide.

OB7 Robot pushes the button to start a job in the CNC machine.
OB7 Robot opens up the CNC door
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Seamless integration in minutes.

Operator-friendly and effortless automation on mill and lathe machines. 

No outside integration needed
Existing staff can set up everything to be up and running on day one.

Zero programming
No‭ ‬classes or robotic training needed‭ to run unlimited machine tending jobs.

7-axis extreme maneuverability
Unmatched by any 6-axis robot.

Direct factory support
Our robotics experts are here to help.

Watch cnc quick takes

60 second clips of OB7 continuous operation on cnc machines and other shop floor tasks.

Mill Tending
Lathe Tending
EDM Tending
Laser Cutting
“We have not let go of any employees and our production has increased. We have big plans for OB7, not just on our mills but on our lathes as well.”

—Timo Lunceford, General Manager, Swiss Productions

There's an OB7 robot for any job on your CNC machine.

Available in various payloads and reaches, OB7 cobots seamlessly handle machine tending across a spectrum of production jobs, from high-volume operations to short runs and high mix/low-volume tasks. OB7 is suitable for machine shops of any size.

OB7 Robot is shown in the image.


Payload‭: ‬5 ‬kg‭ ‬
Reach‭: ‬1 ‬meter


  • The Perfect Automation Cobot

  • 7-Axis Extreme Maneuverability‭ ‬

  • No Programming

OB7 Stretch Robot is shown standing up.

OB7 Stretch

Payload‭: ‬4‭ ‬kg‭ ‬
Reach‭: ‬1.25‭ ‬meter


  • A slightly longer arm than OB7‭, ‬offering more reach‭. 

  • Most popular for lathes‭.‬

  • ‭7-Axis Extreme Maneuverability

  • No Programming

OB7 Max 12 Robot is shown standing up.

OB7 Max 12

Payload‭: ‬12‭ ‬kg‭ ‬
Reach‭: ‬1.3‭ ‬meter


  • Highest weight capacity‭, ‬ideal for heavier parts‭.‬

  • 7-Axis Extreme Maneuverability

  • No Programming

OB7 Max 8 Robot is shown standing up.

OB7 Max 8

Payload‭: ‬8 ‬kg‭ ‬
Reach‭: ‬1.7‭ ‬meter


  • Ultimate reach capacity‭, ‬offering the longest reach of all the cobots‭.‬

  • 7-Axis Extreme Maneuverability‭ ‬

  • No Programming

cnc machine tending w operator.png

Turn-key machine tending automation 

Complete out of the box robotic automation solution 

Robot packages for your lathe or mill

Machine tending automation right out of the box. All the controls and equipment required to automate your CNC mill or lathe are included. Choose your robot: OB7‭, ‬Stretch‭, ‬Max 8‭ ‬or Max 12‭. Install on your CNC machine and be up and running day one‭. ‬No outside integrator required.

OB7 Robot is shown with the stand, tablet and computer.
The OB7 Robot is shown with the stand, tablet, and computer.
OB7 Robot is inside a machine. There are two grippers on the end.
OB7 Robot is picking up a piece of metal from the machine

CNC Lathes Package


CNC Milling  Package

Automate your CNC, plus other shop floor and fabrication tasks

OB7‭ ‬cobot machine tending can be seamlessly added to an existing production line and start automation quickly‭. ‬No downtime waiting to re-engineer your production line and no waiting for software or programming‭. ‬ 

OB7 in the news.

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OB7 collaborative robot stands up showing 7-axis feature.

Talk with us

We have experience working with machine shops of all sizes. Our machine tending robots connect to any brand of cnc machine. Give us a call today to get started implementing robotic machine tending in your production.
“Every time we’ve reached out‭, ‬we got a real person to respond to us immediately‭, ‬which has been fantastic‭.‬”‭ —Xymox Technologies
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