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Promat 2019 - Chicago, IL

Productive Robotics will debut new members of the OB7 family at the largest showcase of automation technologies in the United States, Automate 2019 in Chicago at McCormick Place on April 8-11 at Booth #N7957.

Visitors will discover game-changing collaborative robotic automation with OB7's three models of 7 axis cobots: 5kg, 8kg, and 12kg payload robots, and discover simple how simple automation is taken to the next level through "learn by demonstration" teaching.

OB7 is the next-generation collaborative robot for automating thousands of manufacturing tasks in CNC machine tending, medical device manufacturing, plastic injection molding, aerospace, food and beverage, and other industries.

Productive Robotics will showcase 10 of its 7 axis cobots at booth #N7957 doing various applications including CNC machine tending, packaging, assembling, deburring, polishing, and more. There will also be 4 demo stations for visitors to experience first hand the simplicity, ease (and how fun it is) of teaching OB7. Stop by booth #N7957 to teach OB7 and get customized Productive Robotics swag.

To register, click here.


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