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Productive Robotics featured in Plastics Machinery Magazine

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

OB7-Max 12 and the OB7-Max 8 robots get noticed at ProMat 2019

Robot manufacturers continue to introduce new models for underserved market niches and specialized functions. At Automate 2019 and ProMat 2019 in Chicago in April, companies showcased robots built for heavier payloads and faster operation.

TM Robotics, Productive Robotics and Ready Robotics also showed control and vision packages that make controlling and using robots easier.

There are also new nameplates jumping into the strong North American market. South Korea’s Doosan Robotics, a major robot builder in Asia, entered the European market last year and had one of the biggest booths at Automate 2019 for its North American debut.


Productive Robotics has added two seven-axis models with larger payload capacities to its OB7 line of cobots, which it introduced two years ago. The new models are the OB7-Max 12 and the OB7-Max 8.

The OB7-Max 12 has a 26-pound payload capacity, 51.2-inch reach and weighs 127 pounds; the OB7-Max 8 can lift 17 pounds, has a 66.9-inch reach and weighs 128 pounds. The OB7 has an 11-pound payload capacity and 39.4-inch reach.

All three of the cobots have a repeatability accuracy to within 0.1mm.

They require no programming. All learn tasks by demonstration.

A Productive Robotics spokesman said the new models are especially suited for machine tending, gluing, welding, polishing, grinding and quality-control tasks. He said they are a good starting point for a company new to robotics.

Productive Robotics also debuted OB Vision, which it describes as a commonsense and automatic approach to robot vision.

Like the OB7 series of cobots, the vision package does not require programming to use. An operator just shows the OB7 what needs to be picked up, pushes a button and OB Vision learns to recognize the object and direct the cobot to pick it up.

It has a working area of 12 inches to 18 inches and can recognize objects as small as 1 inch and as large as 8 inches within about 1 second. It has integrated lighting.

OB Vision is integrated in the OB7 learning system and available for all three cobots as an option.

The Productive Robotics units are designed and manufactured in the U.S.

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