OB7 CNC Machine Shop Package: Simple and fast solution to automate Mills, Lathes, & Other Machines

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

(CARPINTERIA, CA) Productive Robotics announces a new game-changer for CNC Machine Shop automation. The latest offering is a “CNC Package”, a fully equipped package that includes all the necessary components required to connect to any type of CNC machine and begin automating on day one. The package eliminates the need for complex integration and allows machine shops to automate runs of all sizes, including high mix and low volume runs, simply and easily.

OB7 CNC Package is fully equipped with all the accessories needed to connect to any CNC machine and begin automating day one.

The package consists of an OB7 Robot Arm, Robot computer and controls, Productive Robotics Parallel Gripper, OB7 Robot Rolling Stand, Work Staging Table, Interface and Pneumatic controller, Chip Fan, and 4” Pneumatic vice. The OB7 CNC Package makes it simple to work with all brands of CNC Machining Centers, Turning Centers, and other machines. OB7 simply rolls up to the machine and loads and unloads parts, enabling “lights out” production.

“Machine shops are looking for simple and fast automation solutions that work with their existing machines and equipment, without high integration costs and long setup times”

“Machine shops are looking for simple and fast automation solutions that work with their existing machines and equipment, without high integration costs and long setup times”, said Zac Bogart, President and CEO of Productive Robotics. The CNC Package builds on Productive Robotics’ approach to providing its customers with ultimate simplicity, flexibility, and cost-effective solutions to cobot automation.

OB7 arrives to your door ready to work. With minimal setup time and simple, fast teaching, customers see an ROI in as little as one week.

OB7’s “learn by demonstration” teaching approach and “no programming” simple user interface allows operators to quickly and easily teach OB7. In addition, OB7’s seventh axis makes it highly desirable for automating CNC machines. Unlike a six axis robot, the seventh axis allows it to be placed to the side of the machine door (rather than directly in front of it), providing greater flexibility and freeing up space for machine operators.

OB7 is an ideal solution for machine shops with high mix/low volume runs, including runs as small as 10 parts.

Productive Robotics launched a new website dedicated specifically to CNC machine shop automation and the OB7 CNC Package. The website, www.ob7cnc.com, highlights all the package components in detail, provides videos about the simple set up process, case studies, as well as a free book that walks you through the integration process in a machine shop environment.

Productive Robotics’ in-house engineering and support team provide confidence for customers who are just getting started with CNC automation. Conveniently located in Santa Barbara, CA, customers can expect superior support and commitment to success with OB7. To talk to an OB7 specialist about your CNC automation project, please visit www.ob7cnc.com.

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