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Robotics Tomorrow - Unveiling OB7-Max Cobots and Enhanced Vision System

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Productive Robotics unveils its first full line of next generation collaborative robots (cobots) at Promat/Automate 2019 in Chicago on April 8-11 with enhanced human sense of vision.

OB7-Max 8 and OB7-Max 12 are the newest members of the OB7 family, designed to handle larger payloads with longer reaches, at 8kg and 1700mm and 12kg and 1300mm.

The entire line of OB7 cobots are 7-axes and are aligned with the same "no programming" approach - simple to teach intelligence and human arm flexibility.

OB Vision, Productive Robotics' new human-like sense of vision provides simpler, faster, and more efficient robot training and operation. With a simple press of a button, OB7 automatically learns to recognize and pick up objects.

Promat and Automate attendees have the chance to stop by Productive Robotics' booth (#N6957) and experience the simplicity of teaching OB7.

To read the full article, visit Robotics Tomorrow.


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