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Increase Precision, Efficiency, & Quality

Discover The Revolution in Welding with Collaborative Robots


Overcome workforce shortages.


Expand workforce with collaborative robots.


Increase arc-on time with consistent quality.


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Who Do We Help


Empowering Welders with Collaborative Robotics

Discover how collaborative robots are transforming the welding industry. We assist welders in overcoming workforce shortages by integrating robots into their operations. Our solutions ensure increased precision, efficiency, and quality, revolutionizing the welding process.


Enabling Welding Professionals to Thrive

Our mission is to empower welding professionals with cutting-edge technology. Through collaborative robots, we help welders combat workforce shortages while boosting productivity and maintaining high-quality standards. Join us in discovering the future of welding.


Supporting Welding Teams with Innovative Solutions

At our core, we're dedicated to supporting welding teams with innovative solutions. By leveraging collaborative robots, we enable them to overcome workforce challenges and achieve exceptional results. Experience increased precision, efficiency, and quality in your welding processes with our assistance.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Happy customers no matter what product.

Tad Orstad

Director of Operations

Action Plastics

The flexibility really showed when we got it, set it up, and started playing around with it. Our initial idea took a quick right turn and we ended up using OB7 for something else – a new turnkey solution, actually.

Timo Lunceford

General Manager

Swiss Productions

We have not let go of any employees and our production has increased. We have big plans for OB7, not just on our mills but on our lathes as well.

Marvin Rodriguez

Vice President

True Precision Machining

Working ‘lights out’ with OB7 allows us to go home and return the next morning with a job completed, ready to start the next. OB7 has saved us significant time and money, while increasing quality and precision.

Jon Seboe

Director of Operations

Xymox Technologies

Every part we produce needs to be 100% functionally tested. The OB7 can now be used to press these buttons, allowing the Assembly Technicians to focus on other value added operations.

About The Speaker

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[Speaker's Name] is a pioneering leader in robotics and automation with over [X] years of experience. [He/She/They] specialize in collaborative robotics, driving innovation in welding technology. [Speaker's Name] is renowned for [his/her/their] engaging presentations that blend technical expertise with practical insights. As a sought-after speaker, [he/she/they] inspire audiences worldwide with [his/her/their] vision of a future where humans and robots collaborate seamlessly to unlock new possibilities in manufacturing and automation.


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